Birjand University of Technology, established in 1996 as Birjand University of Industries and Mines under the supervision of Iran University of Industries and Mines, proceeded to enroll students in the following fields of study: Exploratory Drilling, Mineral Processing, Industrial Cartography, Mine Exploration, Mining, Computer software, System Software and Manufacturing Technology Engineering (Tools).

Birjand University of Technology was founded in 23/09/2007 with the efforts of the Minister of Science, Research and Technology, Dr. Zahedi; the Minister of Industries and Mines, Mr. Mehrabian, and Mr. Seyyed Solat Mrtazavi, the Governor of South Khorasan Province, in accordance with the approval of the first provincial trip of the ninth cabinet to South Khorasan and the direct order of the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Ahmadinejad, through transferring of all buildings and facilities of Birjand University of Industries and Mines to Birjand University of Technology.

The underlying goals of the university are as follows: to develop higher education in the land of science and literature, South Khorasan; to fulfill the education and research and to train committed, qualitative and specialized human resources for the regional industrial sectors and the dear Islamic Homeland; to create a hub for qualitative higher education so as to attract talented people; to satisfy research needs of industrial sector and to utilize scientific and research capabilities and available facilities in the industry section.